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I'm sorry to say this, baby,
But our fairy tale has gone bad
Our bed of roses is now rotten
And there's only one thing in my head

I'm sorry to say this, baby,
But I don't feel your love anymore
There's little time left to do something
Before I walk out your door

You said that you want to keep me -
But I never see that you try
And since I'm not worth an effort -
Then I guess, you will not cry

I want for us to be together,
But I can't keep this goin' alone
I'm sorry to say this, baby,
But my heart's turning to stone

Please, hear me out now, baby,
Please, listen to what I say
I'm sure that we can fix this somehow
But we need to start trying today

My patience don't last forever
And there isn't much of it left
I'm still in love with you, baby,
I hope you can say the same.

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Give me a reason to not run away
Give me a notion that there'll be a day
When all of my tears will be salvaged
When none of my dreams will stay unpaid
I've given up my whole old life for this:
Now every day cuts away one more piece
Of what I believe and what I have been
Is this anything that you haven't seen?
I never lied about my love to you
Can't you see now - my mind's set on blue?
I need to live, not to survive
I need to feel that I'm still alive
How many more miles are there ahead
With my wings held back (at least not cut instead)?
Try to accept my life into yours
'cause otherwise I might not have a choice

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Кому быль, кому небыль,
Кому цвет чужих спин.
Кто-то выиграл здесь небо,
Кто-то проиграл жизнь.
Как найти в себе силы
Для опасной мечты?
Кто-то падал с улыбкой..
Но точно не ты.

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